I have a theory about today’s punk rock

It sucks.

It sucks for one reason, too… There’s nothing to focus all the energy on.The political scene is awash with moderate positions and painted with a thick coat of gray. Poloticians are no longer perceived as evil-doers… instead they’re just guys who eat McDonalds and get blow jobs at work. Back when punk didn’t suck (the 80’s), there was an easily identifiable bad guy who walked the walk and talked the talk. He wanted you to hate him. He made it easy to be a punk.

His name was Ronald Reagan, and he made punk rock great.

2 Replies to “I have a theory about today’s punk rock”

  1. Then and now what yer calls PUNK sucked though it’s
    true not much, except Monica maybe, sucked ever as
    much as Reagan.

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