the end is near?

the suspects, as a band, are pretty sad…

my pal rude pete (see below) has an interview with Will from secret agent 8 on his site. SA8 could easily be considered the suspects arch-enemy (if you wanted to boil the scene down to a contest of audience share and stylistic differnces), so i was eager to read what he had to say. i dont know if its a matter of age or if they’re just more dedicated than us, but they’re just as interested in what they’re doing as when they started. it would take an act of god to get the suspects working that hard again, and that fact is starting to wear down my resolve.

what resolve is that, you ask?

my resolve to be the last suspect standing. not that i’d be the lone member trying to keep on playing after everybody else quit, but rather the last man who would come forth and say, “it’s over, let’s go home”.

i may be thinking this due to boredom. it might be a sense of my pride escaping as other bands rush past us in a whirl of activity. who knows?

give me a few good weeks with cubase and i may have a different story to tell.