Oh, man… it’s SXSW time again!

ska? what’s that?
If you go to the SXSW site, they have a search engine that allows you to search for artists by the genre of music they play. Even though “ska/punk” is one of the categories listed in the search criteria, there are no ska bands playing this year! We’re SOOOOO over!! Even searching through the reggae categories doesn’t result in any bands that attempt to play ska… the closest we get to ska this year is a reunion show from Gal’s Panic. Uhg.

houston, there’s a fucking problem
The search engine allows you to search by city, too. Not suprisingly, there are only 18 artists from Houston playing showcases this year and Dallas doesn’t have more than 30. The number that made me laugh was how many Austin bands made the cut: 284. 284! My question is this: how bad do you have to SUCK to be from Austin and not qualify for a SXSW showcase?

The Dead Kennedys (sans Jello) are playing SXSW. It could rock, but then it could suck… who knows?