It’s true… The Suspects are breaking up

Here’s why:

  1. Jay, our latest temporary bass player, decided he didn’t want and/or couldn’t play with us any more.
    Jay is the fourth bass player we’ve had, and we just don’t have it in us to look for #5.
  2. A majority of the Suspects don’t seem too interested in being Suspects any more.
    What can you do about something like this? You can’t make people care, ya know?
  3. Nobody comes to see us play any more.
    ha-ha… just kidding. We drew 250 kids (thats kids, mind you. like, an entirely new sub-generation of people who’d never seen us before) at Javajazz last month, and the tastemakers in this town were misguided enough to nominate us for Best Ska Band again. Obviously, there’s no interest and we need to break up.

Do I sound bitter? Probably. Me and Al are the only Suspect that will shed a tear when the last song is done… but then, we’re the musical cavemen of the group and we have the most to lose.