The Game-Plan

here’s what the game plan is:

write some music
i’m operating under the assumption that i (by myself or with al or with somebody) will be able to write and record some music that is actually worth listening to. that might be a tall order, considering how busy and uninspired i feel right now, but i think it’s worth a shot. will anybody care enough to visit and take a listen? who knows.
talk about music
if there’s one thing i like to do, it’s discuss the ins and outs of music. i’ve tried to record thoughts and opinions on the subject before (, but i just didn’t devote enough time to it to make it worth reading. hopefully, this will be different.
help people
i’m sure i come off like a crusty old man when i say this, but you damn kids really need some help. the overwhelming majority of the kids listening to punk and ska these days don’t have a grasp on what the music is really all about, and that is something that should be fixed in any way possible. case in point: while im’ing a kid in a local band the other day, he was shocked to find out that ian mckaye (minor threat, fugazi) was a “pioneer” in world of emo. how can you not connect ian with emo?!? i guess when bands like jimmy eat world and dashboard confessional are considered emo bands, anything is possible.

is this all possible? will anybody care? do i need to just face my destiny, buy a cricket bat, and start managing bands for a living??

we’ll see…