How To Wrap A Burrito


I worked in fast food and at greasy spoons from the age of 14 all the way through college, so I sometimes get a little picky when it comes to how my food is prepared. The thing I get most picky about is my Tex-Mex… I rarely order a fast food burrito (a fast food burrito is a burrito from Taco Bell or Taco Cabana… please understand that a burrito served on a plate and smothered in sauce and cheese is an entirely different animal) simply because no one employed at these places can seem to assemble a burrito correctly.

Fact: a burrito (by design) is not supposed to fall apart… if it didn’t matter if it fell apart, it’d just be a big damn taco, right?

Also, a fast food burrito is not to be folded in on both ends; doing so takes away from the total usable fold-able area of the tortilla and only results in more rapid burrito self-destruction.

In an effort to contribute to the overall worldly good, I now present an easy and dependable method of reducing the dreaded Burrito Fallout Syndrome:

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ASP Code Tricks

ASP Code Tricks

I’m a code monkey by trade…

Every once in a while, I’ll get stumped on a problem that doesn’t seem to have an easy answer. I’ll search online for examples, tutorials, or anything that could help me get to the next step, but sometimes it seems as if I’m the only person who’s ever tried to solve a particular code senario. In an effort to contribute to the overal worldly good, this page will be devoted to showing examples of weird little solutions to weird little problems that aren’t easily found online.
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Fun With Spambots

If you build sites with PHP, you’ll like this: FakeMail

It’s a small script that generates and inserts bogus EMAILTO: links in you pages. If we can’t stop the SPAMMERS from doing their dirty work, we might as well make their job harder.

To see it in action, scroll to the very bottom of this page… all that little tiny text is 40 fake email addresses! 😎