How To Wrap A Burrito


I worked in fast food and at greasy spoons from the age of 14 all the way through college, so I sometimes get a little picky when it comes to how my food is prepared. The thing I get most picky about is my Tex-Mex… I rarely order a fast food burrito (a fast food burrito is a burrito from Taco Bell or Taco Cabana… please understand that a burrito served on a plate and smothered in sauce and cheese is an entirely different animal) simply because no one employed at these places can seem to assemble a burrito correctly.

Fact: a burrito (by design) is not supposed to fall apart… if it didn’t matter if it fell apart, it’d just be a big damn taco, right?

Also, a fast food burrito is not to be folded in on both ends; doing so takes away from the total usable fold-able area of the tortilla and only results in more rapid burrito self-destruction.

In an effort to contribute to the overall worldly good, I now present an easy and dependable method of reducing the dreaded Burrito Fallout Syndrome:

1. Position your tortilla.(12-inch tortillas are suggested. If you can find bigger, use them!)
2. Place your filling.(No suggestions from me… I made a SPAM burrito once, so anything is fair game.)
3. Fold the bottom flap up. Do not be stingy with the amount of tortilla devoted to the flap… it’s the only barrier between your filling and your lap!
4. Bring the side up and over your filling. Tucking the edge of the tortilla under your filling is an excellent extra step.
5. Create a small fold with the remaining side of the tortilla. This is the KEY to maintaining burrito integrity. Failure is a given if you do not follow this step!(The small, diagonal flap is an extra “lock” for the bottom flap of the tortilla… without it, the weight and viscosity of your filling has the power to force your bottom flap right out of itself.)
6. Bring the remaining tortilla flap over the filling. Eat with confidence.

You’re probably thinking, “this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on-line”. That may be, but I think this is slightly less dumb than dancing hamsters. In all honesty, I’m so adept at wrapping burritos that friends and co-workers would often have me work my magic for them when we ate at Taco Bell, right at the table… strange but true.

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  1. Simple, but true!

    Additionally, the best way to heat up the 12 in. tortillas at home is to purchase a terra cotta “Grande Tortilla Warmer/Steamer” (cost $30-$32 on-line)and heat in the oven — works every time!!!

    Muchas gracias!

  2. You’re probably thinking, “this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on-line”.

    Actually (I just came in from Google), I was just thinking more along the lines of, “This is why the internet was invented.” Thanks, Bill Grady.

  3. bill, you are a true american hero. i have been reinventing the wheel for years every time i made a burrito at home. finally i decided i was going to learn how to do it right, and google led me to your page. once printed out i can carry it in my wallet and always wrap the perfect burrito. (it’ll surely be more useful than all those business cards i carry around.)

    keep up the good work.

  4. Exactly! I also just came in from Google. Thanks a lot for the info. Could you put up a “printable” version? i.e. a link that lets your print our your burrito folding instructions on one page? 🙂

  5. ok… since three people have publicly requested a printed version, i guess i gotta do it.


  6. Thank you, Bill Grady. I am forever indebted to you. I’d recently given up on folding burritos and had resorted to a shameful taco-type fold. Now I can properly stuff my fat face to my heart’s content.


  8. I just happened to be eating a bacon-n-egg burrito while surfing the web this morning. About a third of the filling went in my lap, just as it always has, because I was never shown how fold the tortilla the right way. So I went to Google for help, and there You were–first hit! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help the ignorant. You have improved the quality of my life and many others as well. THANKS!!!

  9. I can’t believe how many people found this website looking for burritos folding techniques. crazy. I found it being nostalgic for old bands.

  10. I used to work at a sit down Mexican resteraunt when I was in High School, 20 some odd years ago. But when I recently tried to make a burrito that didn’t fall apart I failed horribly!. Thank you Bill, and Google for leading me here!

  11. I’ve worked at Taco Bell for over a year now and I think I might actually try this wrap when wrapping my burrittos now

  12. > I’ve worked at Taco Bell for over a year now
    > and I think I might actually try this wrap when
    > wrapping my burrittos now

    YES! This is the first step torwards being hired as a consultant at Taco Bell.

  13. cool if you can put up a web site telling how to fold a burrito then i guess anything is possible now im going to put up a web site telling how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the right way. thanks a lot!

  14. Some might think its dumb but I was asking my friends how and they didn’t know so I sent them to see yours. Great job, Thanks

  15. what where u thinking do u have that muck time one your hands???? Do something better

  16. made me laugh my ass off! u have nothing better 2 do but teach america how 2 fold a burrito

  17. G’day
    I came here looking for infos about a Mac PowerBook
    someone has loaned me… burritos… should I put
    them in that expansion slot… yeah right,burritos… umm… thanks mate.amelia

  18. You should also include the optional double-flap burrito. I prefer the idea of an initially closed system!

  19. I’ve lived in southern California (20 min from Mexico) all my life, so I consider myself somewhat of a burrito-wrapping professional. Last fall, however, I went to college in New York and was SHOCKED at the level of burrito ignorance at my school. After watching more than a few people do the “taco wrap” and then proceed to eat the burrito with knife and fork, I knew something must be done. I resorted to teaching them myself, but then got the brilliant idea of trying to find a website (so they can practice in the privacy of their own homes). I googled, and there you are. You may have done New York a big favor, Bill. Thanks! 😀

  20. Love the Internet for all the useful stuff I find! I will pass this to a friend who is opening a Mexican restaurant soon. Thanks! Ignore the arrogant, insulting comments some people post.

  21. ahh, I can finally make a decent wrap… Could you also show how to make one with both ends closed? Thanks 🙂

  22. To heat up a tortilla and keep it nice and moist, wrap it in a wet paper towel and microwave it for 15 secs or soo, hot and moist and soo delicious.

  23. Hey! I am making burritos for dinner and have no clue how to fold them, so I hopped online and found this. Thanks!

  24. I’m sitting at work in Cape Town, South Africa and am so stoked that there are people ou there that will actually take the time to inform others about little hints and tricks when it comes to food. From nearly half way around the world…thanks!

  25. Thank GOD! You rule for posting this. Strange, though… unless you’ve been deleting old comments, it took nearly a year and a half for people to start commenting on this.

  26. I’ve been trying to eat tortillas filled with salad and a little bit of cheese – my healthy eating option. They just kept falling apart when I folded them. Now, I can do it – thanks.

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  27. This morning I bought stuff to make burritos, and for fear I’d end up with ugly tacos, I thought what if I googled how to wrap a burrito? This rocks!

  28. Can You Show Us The Best Way On How To Fill A
    Hard Taco Shell. What Layers Go Where.

  29. You know that look someone has when the light finally comes on and you understand … this is one of those times. Ive tried sooo hard to make a decent burrito.. only to watch it fall into a delapidated heap. Thank you so much. its that one little magic fold that i was missing .. thanks

  30. Thanks Bill, this is exactly what I visited for (from Google). No more burrito lap syndrome for me! I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference till it becomes second nature to me.

    Take Care,


  31. I’m a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Clemson University, and have been assigned a project to design, and fabricate a burrito folder. The intention is to aid, or streamline the process of burrito folding for commercial, and/or possibly residential use. I have found some large machines made by Solbern, but haven’t found any smaller devices.Do you know if any exist? Any ideas, or thaughts on a possible design? Any information would greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Heath

  32. I’ve always been pretty good at folding my burritos(because I would only put a little filling in) but I never knew about step #5! I’m glad I found your page. lol

  33. Ive worked at a privatly owned Taco bell for over three years and never saw it wraped like this. The way that my taco bell store wraps there burritos, is very neat and clean, never messy. Our Taco Bell takes pride in our work. I looked over this way that you wraped it and I guarentee that it will be messy and this is not the correct way to do it. Sorry I m a crew trainer and train people the correct way to do things.

  34. At last, a useful Web Site. Informative, factual, and no pop-ups. Perfect, thank you, you are my hero. Made me want to sing “Won’t you come to my home Bill Grady”

  35. > Ive worked at a privatly owned Taco bell for
    > over three years and never saw it wraped like
    > this. The way that my taco bell store wraps
    > there burritos, is very neat and clean, never
    > messy. Our Taco Bell takes pride in our work. I
    > looked over this way that you wraped it and I
    > guarentee that it will be messy and this is not
    > the correct way to do it. Sorry I m a crew
    > trainer and train people the correct way to do
    > things.

    I emailed this person and asked for her method… but she never replied. Obviously, she PH34Rz My M4DD Sk1LLZ!

  36. I can finally fold a burrito without the filling spewing everywhere. But there is one problem, what about the other end? Do the same for that end i guess?

    And wtf were all the people doing on this website if they say ‘wtf is this’.

    I thank you, Bill. 🙂

  37. This is exacly what I was looking for. Its’s informative and easy to follow. I plan to make breakfast burittos this Sunday and now I can fold them with confidence. Thanks, Bill.

  38. Made my lunchtime – literally – and brought back happy memories of West Texas to a damp seaside Scottish day. I’ll be back, one day.

  39. Wow, the extra fold is the secret. Now I just have to make a buritto in the privacy of my home for the first time ever so I can test it and see how much it roolz!

  40. Excellent! This is exactly as I learned to do it as well. Not only does it work for burritos…it works for babies!

  41. Hey man,
    Love this web-site. I’ve allways wondered what the “proper” technique was. My only difference in the way we roll burritos at The Flying Burrito is that we turn in both ends. We do this to facilitae travel for the burritos (we have a very small dinnign room). They also provide more structure to facilitate burrito delivery. I truly hope this does not offend anyone -but then, we offend people by putting rice in our burritos.

    Have a burrito day,

  42. Fantastic! I figured that I already screwed up so many, there is no better time like the present to learn something that is really so very vital.

  43. hiya! thanks for the awesome info. at least i’ll be ensured my burrito will not fall apart tomorrow.

  44. Bill,

    You have helped me realize the error of my burrito-folding ways, and I thank you. I can’t wait until it is time to make burritos again, so I can wow my friends and family.

    Great page

  45. After reading the site, it was immediately put to use. They were AWESOME, and with practice will only improve. If you think this is silly, see how many people you know that can wrap like the Bell!!
    I pride myself on being a good cook, if anyone wants some ideas on the inner workings of the burrito, just send an E. However, remember that it would be sub par if not for this site. I love the web for things just like this. I wish I could repay. THANKS P

  46. Wow! Truly a life skill! This is the sort of knowledge you pay at a community college for.

    I’m enjoying a burrito right now! Thanks!

  47. Damn, I cannot believe how many fucking people are as dumb as we are. Chicken Cheesesteak Burrito’s will not be spilled in the lap tonight!! The whole band thanks you and will gladly share our secret recipe.

  48. Definitely not stupid! This was the first hit on Yahoo! and I’m going to use this for dinner tonight! Thanks so much!

  49. Step 5 is very clever. My burrito wrapping strategy is based largely on the Taco Bell strategy. It works pretty well, but it’s not 100% reliable. I’ll try this step 5 move and see how that works. I can’t wait to make another burrito.

  50. I have been unsuccesfully struggling with burritos for many years, and this is just what I needed to stop the madness. I’ve bookmarked the site. Good job!

  51. Do you know how to do the two-tortilla method. I saw it at a burrito joint omce but have not been able to replicate. Somehow, they put filling in one tortilla, then alid another tortilla on top of it, as if making a quesadilla, but then did the wrap. I guess the downward facing torilla was supposed to prevent slippage. I wanted to try this since I cannot get tortillas larger than 10 inches at my grocery store and while the extra flap method works, I still can’t put as much filling in as I would like.


  52. Not a dumb site at all. Reaffirms my belive that you can find anything on the web, and this is ‘almost’ what I was searching for. How about pictures for a Chimichanga fold? My Burrito’s will from this day forward be nicely tucked in.

  53. From what I can, tell this burrito how-to has been up for about 4 years or so. I just wanted to let you know that you are still reaching the burrito uninitiated.

    My homemade burrito lunch cruelly unraveled on me today. Now that I know Step 5: The Key To Burrito Integrity, never again.


  54. Thank you very much for posting this detailed information. I love burritos, but mine have always fell apart at the bottom. I am making chicken burritos for dinner tonight and I will use your technique. Thank you!

  55. thank you, i actually need it to make a sandwhich wrap but burritos are good too. definitely not the dumbest thing on the internet, its good information, otherwise my tortillas would dry out before i learned how to wrap properly

  56. Wow!

    I was just thinking how I want to try yet again to make my own burritos.

    Googled “burritos”, “homemade” and found this first thing.

    Now, I am READY TO WRAP!

    Thanks for the Burritogami lesson.

  57. This is not stupid. Thank you so much for the burrito wrapping lesson. Boy did I need one. I love making burritos but most of the time they fall apart. My husband always encourages me by telling me how tasty they are but loving suggest finding someone who can give me wrapping tips. So glad you’re on line.
    God bless you and crown your efforts with success.


  58. Great website! Was looking for a good way to “wrap a wrap”, searched for “how to fold a wrap”, this was the first hit. Great instructions – a picture is really worth a thousand words, specially in this case.

    cheers 🙂

  59. Kia ora – I was actually wondering where to find a tortilla steamer, like the ones you find at Taco Bell to make the tortillas more maliable. Thinking about opening a Mexican Restaurant here in New Zealand and I can’t for the life of me work out how to find one or the words to use to search for one. Cool site 🙂

  60. Great site. If your in a pinch the Microwave is a great way to warm up a tortilla. Jsut toss it on a paper towel. Heat it up for 20 Sec and you good to go.

  61. I was searching the web for exactly this. I’ve been fighting bad burritos for years. Thanks for the detail. It’s very helpful. Can’t wait to try it out.

  62. Thanks a million! Exactly what I was looking for. I bet you have put a ton of folks out of their wrapping misery!! Your pictures and details were great! Good luck to you.


  63. That is perfect!! Ive never seen this online before, with the diagrams and everything! And you’re really funny! Thanks!

  64. Help…I’m soon opening a sandwich deli and would like to include burritos in it but not too sure what, how, who, where, when about dorritos (we call them wraps in UK). Does the dorritos need to be served/kept warm always? please help

  65. God Bless You! You magnificent MAGNIFICENT Gringo!!!!!!!! Before your site my life was a meaningly sham of it’s psoible future but now oh NOW I know how to fold burritos my blood being cuban instead of mexican did not have this knowledge but now that it does I rejoice!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  66. i’ve searched the internet for months tryin to find the PROPER way to fold a freaking torilla, i LOVE making all sorts of wraps and burriots but was all diasterous because they always fell apart! so honestly, Thanks! =)

  67. You are a lifesaver! I’m just about to fix breafast burritos for the first time and didn’t want to be embarassed when they fell apart….THANKS!!

  68. Thanks so much! I’ve been making breakfast burritos for years for our annual canoe trip and always end up with some on my lap while eating them. Just for fun I thought I would do a Google search to see if there was a “perfect” way to fold a burrito and there your wonderful instructions were to my amazement! My daughter is going off to college and this will definately be one of the “tips and tricks” I will send along with her. Thanks again!

  69. Thank you very much!!!! I am making chicken wraps tonight and this is exactly the help i needed..Thanks a bunch

  70. Not trying to totally diss this method being as ive never really tried it that way, BUT I wrap burritos for a living. An alternative is this… get most of the food in the part of the tortilla closest to your body and put your thumbs under it and bring it about 5 inches from your work surface. Fold the two sides of the tortilla over the food with the rest of your fingers. Start sliding your thumbs over the food, index and middle fingers resting on the food, and ring and pinky fingers making two triangle shaped folds to contain the food as your rolling it. Get your thumbs out at the last minute, and fold those two other flaps together at the bottom with middle and ring fingers. The goal is to make sort of a bowl for containing the food in the tortilla. Make sure you use a nice warm tortilla so that when you bring all the corners together, it sticks and becomes a fully self contained burrito. Also, the less juice the better. Eat @ Santa Fe Burrito!!

  71. Thank you for the great instructions and charts! My friends now ask me to show them how and I just give them your link.

  72. Hey,
    I’m a high school English teacher and I’d like to use your “How to wrap a burrito” on a quiz. Is that okay with you?
    Bill Kenley

  73. Thank you Bill,
    Im a mom and until now my attempts at burrito wrapping has been futile.
    I just needed the step by step instructions.
    Your the bomb!!
    My kids and husband’s lap will be greatful.

  74. This is NOT the dumbest thing I’ve seen online. Quite the contrary, as I searched the Internet specifically FOR this information, because I was tired of my burritos falling apart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  76. Alright woman, learn how to use your caps lock, you crazy broad. As for the burrito wrapping tips, thanks a lot.

  77. lololol!

    I am picking up my boyfriend to go to run errands today. I asked him to make me breakfast while I drove to his place–scrambled eggs or something. On second thought, I suggested that he put them in a burrito with some salsa, so I wouldn’t have to sit down at his house and eat.

    Well, when I got here, he was in the shower. ( A very long shower, considering that he has very little hair to wash…) I found a burrito wrapped in foil. I grabbed it, plopped down in front of his computer–lo and behold, your site was up!

    I laughed at first, but after I read it, I decided to see if it worked, and took the burrito out of the foil. The very messy pinto beans, salsa, and scrambled-eggs all stayed inside until the very last bite!

    Thanks for showing my boyfriend how to make perfect burritos! ^^ Can you make a page on how to take a short shower?

  78. I’ve been making carne asada burritos like a madman the last few weeks – but they kept falling apart and were a general mess to eat.

    Thanks to this informative post I just completed my first ever mess-free carne asada burrito meal! Huzzah!

  79. After A few YEARS playing around with different methods, most only half successful, I decided to search. THANK YOU, my friends already liked the soft-taco/burritos that I put together. Now, They love it!

  80. thank you so much, i’m doing my gcses and decided to make vegetarian wraps for my food tech vegetarian project, only i’ve never made one before and so far your site has been the most helpful….so what do you think of a quorn minc filling or tuna and couggettes in a rich tomato sauce??
    i’ll print the instructions straight away, though what’s with the dancing hamsters.
    thnx again.

  81. Wow. Just . . . wow.

    Thank you.

    No more burrito disasters.

    No more way-too-expensive Chipotle burritos except for in an emergency.

    Next question . . . what is the most you can put into the various size burrito wrappers? I think I keep putting too much in. So much to put in, so little space in the wrapper!

  82. Thank you thank you thank you…tucking into a properly folded bacon, lettuce, cheese and mayo wrap right now!!!

  83. Possibly, the greatest piece of information I have ever found online! I kid you not. From a grateful Brit!

  84. My wraps keep falling apart so, for the heck of it, I plugged in “how to wrap a burrito” to google and your website came up. Far from the “dumbest” thing on the internet, this has been a godsend! I think Step 5 may be the key. Now, if you can tell me how I can double gas mileage on my old Blazer, all my problems will be solved! Thanks for the tip!

  85. My chicken caesar wraps at lunch were pitiful. The boss is currently printing this out so I can laminate it for the kitchen.

  86. Ааану-ка ребткиголосуем!!!

    Признавайтесь прооказники и владельцы саййта ))))

    ЧТО вы будете делать этим летом?!

  87. Not so dumb at all! Have been searching desperately, looking for the answer of what will protect my clothes from my horrible wrap jobs! My family and I thank you =)

  88. I just came across a recipe for Sweet Potato Burritos but lacked the proper folding tech. That’s awesome! Finally! A solution! Now what if you wanted both ends closed??

  89. Super – I needed wrapping directions for a party with foreigners who’ve never folded a wrap before. Perfect. Thanx

  90. again, I’m am in awe of the internet; I needed this info, typed it in and behold: youre excell illustrated instructions. Many thanks for a budding 57 male cook.

    Michael Warren

  91. This is great. We are making wraps for supper tonight and we are soooo sick of the filling falling out. I am so glad I found this step by step intruction. We thank you

  92. yeah im so glad i found this its after i just ate a “beef” and brocolli burrito and all the juice squirted out on my arm. need to know how to wrap em right. so thanks very much for sharing this

  93. thanks, i make wraps for lunches sometimes, and they fall apart and make a mess. So tonight i made lunches and folded them right yeah!

  94. Just made a wrap for my daughter and guess what it all fell apart she was not impressed, thanks for the clear instructions It won’t happen again, she will be thrilled!

  95. This is great! I wrapped some tin foil around the bottom for some extra support/something to hold on to.

  96. Now I can die a happy person. I’m so glad I will never have a burrito fall apart again. This is seriously something they should teach all children in elementary school — at least in Southern California

  97. This is SO, not dumb. I love this! Finally some decent instructions. #5 is THE tip of the century. 😀

  98. Where can I find a 12″ tortilla warmer other than weiland ware (they don’t answer their phone)? Please help

  99. omg! my brother works at taco time. the people suck at wrapping, but i now hold the secret to SUCCESS

  100. Thank you so much for this site. I make burritos all the time and they’re always coming apart, and my kids just open them up and eat the inside. Know I can maybe get them to eat the whole thing and they wont be so sloppy. Best tip of the day!!!

  101. YAY.

    I manage a bar and we’re starting to make these rather unsuccessfully…

    So I googled ‘wrap folding’

    This is the first thing I found.




  102. Well, it’s almost 2008 and I’d say this certainly isn’t dumb at all. I was tired of watching my burritos fall apart for my family and I. After years of frustration, I finally got fed up (excuse the vague pun) and said “To the internet!” where I’ve pretty much learned everything I’ve ever wanted to learn, but was too afraid to ask. Thanks for taking the time to create this page. No really. Next up… where do babies come from? Hello? Hello??

  103. Thank you Soooooo much Bill for the good advice on tortilla wraps.

    You have changed my life completely Cheer’s……

  104. Thank you Soooooo much Bill for the good advice on tortilla wraps.

    No more cleaning the floor after lunch Cheer’s……….

  105. Awesome Guide. I just made a TUNA – Veggie Patty – Cheese Wrap. It was disgusting…. BUT IT WORKED!!! AH HAH!

  106. This is not dumb at all. This is more than beneficial, you have provided a great service to us all.. lol



  107. Thanks so much! I’m starting to serve wraps at my restaurant and was at a loss how to fold them. This is awesome! Thanks a lot!! YOU ROCK!

  108. wow this was very helpfull i had a burrito for dinner last night and well it fell apart well i had leftover so i wanted one for a snack but wanted to be able to eat it at the computer without a mess and well it worked

  109. This is far from dumb 🙂
    I just had my first wrap at my PC without a mess AND without a plate 😛

    Cheers m8 🙂

  110. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! At last I can eat a Burrito without getting in an awful mess. My family and I have been trying all sorts of ways to avoid wearing most of our Burrito. I shall be passing this method on.

  111. Thank you so much. Since it’s spring break my sons are waking up and eating breakfast at odd hours, usually around 1:00. Since I’m only making breakfast once I’ve tried making breakfast burritos for them to eat whenever they wake up, but I could never fold them so they wouldn’t fall apart. Now I’ll be able to leave their breakfast in the ‘fridge for whenever they wake up.

  112. Hah! I also went to Ortega’s website. You’d think they’d know how to wrap a good burrito, but no… They even show four different ways – each of which is perfect for wearing your meal.

    As Donald said, this is why the internet was created. All the seemingly silly little things us average people don’t know – at our fingertips. Thanks, Bill.

  113. Not a dumb article at all. Was very helpful. My mistake was putting all the filling in the middle and I missed the small fold. Needless to say most of the filling ended either on my lap or being eaten from my plate with a fork.

    Thank You

  114. First time I’ve had to fold a tortilla – they seem to be more or less perfect thanks to your instructions.

  115. “You’re probably thinking, “this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on-line”. ” No, actually, I actually logged in to search for it! And given that ” This entry was posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2002 at 4:54 pm” and that there have been 177 (all that I read were positive) responses over the past 5+ years is quite impressive as well!

  116. Very cool….I also logged in to search for how to wrap a buritto! You’ve enlighted so many people. Diagrams were excellent! What did we do before the internet? I’m guessing people were spilling beans all over themselves!

  117. Nick Burrows says he uses a three fold technique, but you have helped me prove he is wrong and his wraps suck.

  118. haha, I think this is an excellent article. Never eaten a burrito in my life, to be honest, never got the chance, but at least NOW I’ll know and be able to save myself a load of embarrassment from having food all over myself 😛
    Thanks for the handy tip! I might use it next time I eat popiah (Chinese spring roll) 😀

  119. ‘You’re probably thinking, “this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on-line”’

    Not really, since I just googled “How to wrap a burrito” 😉 Thanks!

  120. Hey – thanks a lot!!! I have always wanted to be able to make burritos and wraps but never quite had the technique. Did my first one tonight. Thanks!

  121. Haha. This seems to be the supreme burrito-wrapping guide. I found this, then looked for similar guides, only to be re-directed to your site. Thanks for the clear tutorial.

  122. Yeah!!! This website is awesome! And yes, PLEASE ignore the negitive comments some people make because BURRITOS RULE!! (And so does this website.)I should of thought of this! LOL!! Bill, you rock taco bell’s world! 🙂

  123. i have six people arriving for breakfast in an hour and was freaking out about how to wrap my breakfast burritos…. thanks for the tip!!

  124. I’ve been searching for this for some time using the search phrase ‘how roll wrap sandwiches’. This time I used ‘technique roll wrap sandwiches’ and it came up. I had bought a book on crepes from Sur La Table and even bought a book from a Manhattan bookstore Cooking Under Wraps by Nicole Routhier (which does include the two-ended fold others are requesting, btw). These instructions are just what I was looking for. Da Goddess is right, Bill’s strategy for burritos is very similar to swaddling a baby. Thank you.

  125. Thanks, I have tried many times and it never seemed to be perfect and it turned out messy, I am going to give this a go! Thanks again : )

  126. Thank you a million times Bill Grady.

    I just told my girlfriend that its amazing how many years I’ve been wrapping the wrong way.

    Veggies For Peace

  127. Not the dumbest thing on the internet by any stretch of the imagination. Probably about 5 million things ahead of it in the ‘dumb stakes’. Fantastic bit of advice, going to see if it works now. Merv.

  128. You seem to be the only one on the internet that can demonstrate how to fold a burrito. Thank you!

  129. Now, “IP Matching With CIDR Notation In PHP” is over my head, but this burrito wrapping tutorial is genius.

    Burrito wrapping before now had always been easier said than done ’til now.

    Muchos gracias sir.

  130. thank you so much – we are having a mexican theme party and want to set up a burrito bar – I will print this out and have it there for people to wrap them correctly.

  131. This website was just what I was looking for! I’m going on holiday and wanted a wrap but knew it would go everywhere, so thanks!!!

  132. I can’t believe that I found this site!!! Today I am packing wraps for lunches tomorrow and let’s just say, I have had some complaints (polite ones) about the wraps falling apart…so, I thought everything else is on the internet and voila!! Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!! The second to last step with the mini fold is wonderful, I would have never known about that!
    Thank you!!
    This isn’t the dumbest thing on the internet!

  133. I made wraps for lunch yesterday and the kids wanted to know why they looked so weird and not like the ones in the shop. Thanks for the pictures.

  134. Aha! I can finally do it right!
    Thank you!!!
    So many people have tried to show me how it’s done but I’ve never understood!
    Are you some sort of burrito god?

  135. You, SOB – Son of the Burrito God.
    May you continue to reign here on the planet as the Wrap King, burritos and more.
    Look forward to meeting you in burrito heaven. Have copied/pasted (giving you credit)and e-mailed to the many kids who we were priveleged to have in our home. This is one of the best things I have had the opportunity to pass one.

    Thank YOU!

  136. Thank you so much for posting this. I was sitting here about to eat a home-made burrito and was like how in the heck do I fold this thing. I didn’t think anyone would have a how-to on it, but so glad you did! Thanks.

  137. def better than dancing hamsters! First thing i found when i googled ‘how to fold a tortilla wrap’ i wanted to know how to present my burritos nicely for a mexican themed party. Thank you!

  138. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    If it wasn’t for this page, tonight I would have to be convincing my girlfriend that we were having Mexican Stew with tortillas on the side.

  139. So here I am making beef wraps for dinner, and I figure “Eh, as long I hold it together, that’ll do”,, eating it and the bottom falls out of it putting grease everywhere.

    Buggerit, to google! And I find this and give it a crack with a wrap more loaded than my last. All I can say is impressive what difference the right way makes. Even easier to hold too!

    Thanks heaps!

  140. This is fantastic! I just made black beans with chillies and corn, and spanish rice and grated cheese, and it’s like “Dammit, I can’t wrap a burrito to save my life!” Jumped on google, here I am. I will totally be trying this for the next burrito I make (which…will be immediately after this one…)

  141. I could not for the life of me figure out the correct way to wrap a burrito. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for supper tonight so I thought about pizza then I thought about burritos. I could not decide so I did both…together. This really helped me a lot however when I wrapped it the corners kind of fell apart. How warm should the tortilla be when you wrap?

  142. The concept works great. Unfortunately I think I need to find a higher quality tortilla that won’t fall apart while wrapping…. ( :

  143. Would you please translate your website into German as I’m not very comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a handy WordPress plugin called like global translator which will translate all your articles automatically- that will make reading posts on your great blog even more comfortable. Cheers mate, Hana Dante!

  144. i changed templates and the images are back. they never were gone for me, but i won’t doubt those who said they were gone.

  145. Bill, I was actually searching for some tips on how to make a wrap and came across this. Now my future burrito dilema is solved. Thanks!! Just need to find some directions on wraps.

  146. I am so glad this site exists! Better than dancing hamsters? Yes, unless I was wrapping the dancing hamsters in my burrito.

  147. Thank you for this. I have never successfully wrapped a burrito in my life. I’m applying your technique today! Appreciated! Kathy

  148. Websites like this are why “Google it” has become a household saying when trying to figure out how to do something. Thanks.

  149. This wasn’t dumb at all. You taught me how to wrap a burrito. Perhaps what’s dumb is that I didn’t know how to wrap a burriot in the first place. But thanks to your website, dinner was awesome, tonight. Thanks.

  150. Wow! 8 years on and your technique is still saving people’s lives!!! Just found this after Googling and you, my friend, are a life saver. Awesome stuff!

  151. Thank you from France
    Seams esay but it’s need a high level of technicity! No more tomato sauce in my shirt !

  152. My life is now complete. I’ve been looking for this. The 2 hand grip shouldn’t be on the torilla. Thank you. I can eat with ease

  153. I love you and your burrito folding capabilities. Thank you for the extra fold. I tip my burrito to you; and then towards my face because I am hungry.

  154. Thanks for posting your tortilla folding skills and helping me and others, Bill! Made my first tortilla wraps (with home made sandwich meat) yesterday for my husband’s work lunch, but couldn’t figure out how to fold it, so it would be at least closed on all sides (my store bought tortillas were about 9 inches). Although he said they weren’t any trouble to eat I know that I couldn’t have eaten them without half of the filling ending up all over me! (But then I’m the messy eater between the two of us:) your method sounds simple and very efficient, so I will give it another try today.

  155. The term ‘genius’ is sometimes over-used, but not in this case. Your treatise on burrito wrapping should be held in the same high regard as Einstein’s contribution to physics, or Keynes contribution to economic theory. Step 5 is the simple (yet key) step that has eluded me these 43 years of heartache and messy pants. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  156. Tried this method of wrapping and it is fantastic. Who would have guessed that little flap makes the world of difference.

  157. I think the term “genius” is highly overRATED for this wrap because it isn’t CLOSED.

    It’s half done.


  158. Taco Bell burritos need to be closed at both ends simply because the workers have a time limit as to how long they can speand making an order and wrapping it completlyis way faster than trying to wrap that open ended sheeit. and that was an encherito u were talkin about w the sauce n cheese…

  159. I have been learning to cook authentic mexican food for one year because my boyfriend is from Mexico. Although burritos are not actually sold in most non-tourist villages in Mexico, my boyfriend loves a steak and onion burrito from a taco stand that we frequented when we first dated. I want to make him one tonight and your directions on folding a burrito are magnificent because that was the part that had me felling worried. Now I am ready to WoW him again with this delicious surprise! 🙂 thanks!

  160. Well, heck, makes a lot of sense and open ended folding. I mean, who can’t figure out which end to start on and when you always start on one end of the trad viejo folds, the compressed filling ALWAYS squeeze out like from a tube of toothpaste. I’m trying it right now… ;•`)

  161. Thank you! I am never good at wrapping these and I’m confident that my husband will love me this much more because of my new skill!!! Thanks!!!

  162. Thanks ive always messed up with wrapping burritos but now i can use this as a reference thanks alot

  163. Thank you for this!! I’ve been cooking for 15 years and STILL have epic fails when I try to properly fold tortillas…so no, I do not think this is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen online 🙂 only dancing hampsters.

  164. Thank you so much. I was making a meat and cheese sandwich with a tortilla and just decided to Bing: How to wrap a burrito… Needless to say I am now enjoying a well wraped meat and cheese burrito 🙂

  165. #2 can be taken a couple ways… is he trying to tell us don’t ask for filling advice because it will likely be awful, hence the spam example… or is he trying to merely say anything is possible? so far I’m going with the first possibility. Don’t trust anyone that uses spam.

  166. Just ate a burrito using this folding method… I now present you with the prestigious “Hero of the Day” Award!

    Thank you so much!

  167. In South-Africa we do not really eat burrito’s. 10 days ago I started a veggie diet. Excuse the pun, but my tortilla wraps have always been a flop! Can’t wait for tomorrow to try this out! Thanks for taking the time!

  168. Not dumb in the slightest! I love making burritos, but no matter how carefully I fold, I still have burrito self-destruction happen! Your blog has helped me to discover the missing step in my process… the small fold at the side of the tortilla. I’m going to work this into the equation tonight!

    Thank you! – from the not very sunny, Coventry, England

  169. I have been experiencing burrito failure for as long as I’ve known burritos–sometimes I got lucky and they didn’t explode too badly, so long as I kept a good grip on them, but I realized the extent of this shortcoming when, today, I attempted to pack a burrito for lunch and, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the darn thing to stick together for packing.
    So I say THANK YOU, burrito expert, for saving my morning!

  170. Thanks man! Been struggling with wrapping my lunch! Trying to eat healthier with a whole wheat tortilla, grilled chicken, and romaine lettuce. A healthy, quick portion lunch,but my dam tortillas have been falling apart!

  171. So – almost 10 years later, and this post is still the #1 hit for “how to wrap a burrito”! That makes me smile. Thanks for your clear instructions.

  172. the topmost answer to “how to wrap a burrito” is 10 years old! a true testament to how correct this is!

  173. This is a tortilla wrap; and must remain almost vertical. A truly portable burrito should be wrapped on both ends.

  174. To make sure it stays together try putting it in a hot pan with sprayed oil to seal it and give it a nice brown colour!

  175. Not dumb at all and very helpful. I always thought I could wrap a burrito but never really did the right way 🙂

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