The Next How-To Will Be…

I’m currently spending my free time tweaking a remixed version of this site so that it’s driven with by one of the better known CMS’s (that’s Content Management System, you slacker) out there, Moveable Type. MT is essentially a Blogger app that you run on your own server (yeah, I know I just moved back to Blogger… give me a break; I like to play with code!), but it’s so slick and bug-free a geek can hardly resist. And brutha, I am a geek.

Anyways, once this has been concluded I’m thinking that a little How-To/Review on implementing Blogger (or any other CMS) on your site might be in order. Note: it’ll be a review of the four different CMS’s I’ve been playing with over the past month AND a how-to on using Blogger on a free server (like GeoCities or whatever) via Javascript trickery. Please stay tuned.

Selling Out To The MAN

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’ll notice I’ve made a few changes on the left hand navigation panel… I threw in a couple of extra banners, I removed the “visitors currently on-line” counter, and I added an advertisement.

OK, not really an advertisement… it’s a free banner/ad exchange kinda thing, and if you have a web site where you’d like more hits I recommend clicking on the Your ad here. Free. link and signing up. I’ve tried quite a few of these services over the years, and this one seems like a keeper. You don’t need any cgi, asp, or php scripting, ‘cuz it’s all javascript. Trust me, it’s almost painless.

Songwriting As An Art (And Not A Form Of Psychotherapy)

I’ve come to an important decision… I don’t like songs that don’t tell stories.

Too much of what we hear in the lyrics of modern music are dissertations on the inner feelings of author; too much, “I gave you a lot of emotion and you stepped all over me” kind of stuff… well, I’m tired of it. I’ve decided that my favorite type of lyrics are lyrics that tell a tale. Lyrics that you have to listen to from start to finish. Lyrics that make you want to know what happens at “the end”.

To be fair, I know that I’m guilty. I penned most of the songs that could be considered “inward looking” in The Suspects catalog of material, and I am remorseful. I am also hopeful that when I get back on the writing/recording horse, I’ll be smart enough to avoid the whiny pitfalls of my past.