Songwriting As An Art (And Not A Form Of Psychotherapy)

I’ve come to an important decision… I don’t like songs that don’t tell stories.

Too much of what we hear in the lyrics of modern music are dissertations on the inner feelings of author; too much, “I gave you a lot of emotion and you stepped all over me” kind of stuff… well, I’m tired of it. I’ve decided that my favorite type of lyrics are lyrics that tell a tale. Lyrics that you have to listen to from start to finish. Lyrics that make you want to know what happens at “the end”.

To be fair, I know that I’m guilty. I penned most of the songs that could be considered “inward looking” in The Suspects catalog of material, and I am remorseful. I am also hopeful that when I get back on the writing/recording horse, I’ll be smart enough to avoid the whiny pitfalls of my past.