How Does It Feel?

My new favorite band for today… Jah Division.

This gives me renewed drive to record an idea I came up with four or five years ago when The Suspects were searching for new covers to learn: a dub version of Bauhaus’ “Bela Legosi’s Dead”.

Cell Phone Mania!

My wife and I just re-upped with Verizon and thanks to their “new every two” policy we were able to get their latest color disco phone, the LG VX4400.

Since I’m a geek, I immediately seached the web for info on how to hack the damn thing and I was not dissapointed. Twenty bucks, a download, and a little reading later, I was throwing my own ringtones and backgrounds on my phone WITHOUT paying a cent to THE MAN.

I’ve created a few backgrounds for the VX4400 and posted them to the VX4400Images Yahoo Group… perhaps I’ll mirror them here, too.

SR-71 vs. U-2

SR-71 vs. U-2

When I was a kid I loved airplanes more than anything else, and even now I spend a little too much time watching the Discovery Wings channel. Given that, I’ve been curious as to why the military is using the U-2 (a very, very old plane with good capabilities) instead of the SR-71 (a kinda old plane that still holds world records) to fly spy missions over Iraq. This site, authored by a former SR-71 Crew Chief, answered all of my questions.

And I apologize if you thought that this might be about a couple of bands.

Good Idea Of The Day

Note to self: Form a band who’s songs all deal with balms, salves, and ointments. Perform and record all your material in a modern rock style, with heavy emphasis on how those products make you feel. Use lots of jerky rhythms and dissonant-sounding chords in the music. Name the band, “The Emo-llients“.