Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have To Worry About SXSW Any More

The Morning News – SXSW

I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but my personal experience with SXSW would lead me to believe it’s 100% factual. I know, I know… what do I expect? You have to let the seething masses mingle, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the over-indulgent fan-boy contingent… I just have to tolerate them.

3 Replies to “Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have To Worry About SXSW Any More”

  1. That told me nothing about SXSW that was tried so hard to be cool but wounded up sounding like a low life shitbag who touches jr. High girls when he gets them past out and drunk. Wow your cool dude your a binge drinker and your a 28 year old virgin too cool too cool for me.

  2. exactly my point. sxsw has turned away from a music event and is now just “an event”. it attracts dudes who just wanna get ripped and see their favorite band play, and not people who care about new music and promoting great bands.

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