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I spend a lot of time building up web sites and then never putting them into production… don’t ask why, it just happens. Instead of throwing all those designs away, I’ve decided to start a site template repository here at Hopefully somebody will be able to put them to use.

Most of these designs borrow heavily from the lessons I learned at the CSS Repository at

I test all my layouts with IE 6, Opera 7, and Netscape 7.

site01.gif template #1
date added : April 10 2003
where/why : this is based on an old design from don’t worry, nobody will know!


site02.gif template #2
date added : April 10 2003
where/why : i enjoy a minimal, uncluttered layout; this design is about as minimal as you can get. feel free to make it ugly by brightening up those colors!


site03.gif template #3
date added : April 10 2003
where/why : this was a request from someone on the Movable Type forum… for some God-awful reason, two (!) people wanted a BIG-SMALL-SMALL column configuration. it doesn’t make much sense to me, but what the hell.


site04.gif template #4
date added : April 11 2003
where/why : This is a simple layout that achieves a lot with very little css… The beveled edges don’t render so well with netscape, but they’re plenty purty in IE.


site05.gif template #5
date added : April 23 2003
where/why : This is a heavily modified version of the “Holy Grail” design.


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