Free VX4400 Backgrounds And Wallpapers

How Do I… ????

How do I put my own backgrounds and wallpapers on my VX4400?
1. Use a data cable and an excellent, free application called BitPim.
2. Use a data cable and a good (but complicated), free program called GAGIN.
3. Use any of the Verizon Wireless GetItNow getPix applications… these are not free.
So, I can email pictures to my phone now?
Yes, with the getPix applications you can.
Didn’t this page previously say the opposite?
Yes, it did. Things change. I’m a busy man… get off my back.
What about ringtones?
I’m not into ringtones, sorry.
How do I use the data cable with the free applications?
How to use GAGIN (kinda old)
GAGIN tutorial (not VX4400-specific, but it might help)
LG VX4400 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
BitPim VX6000 Tutorial (not VX4400-specific, but it should help)
Yahoo VX4400 Support Group


This page has changed… whats up with that?
Yes… I did a major overhaul on March 17 2004.
Did your wallpapers use to be in BMP format?
Yes… BitPim now works with JPGs (and has for a long time), so I switched ’em over.
Did you make all of these yourself?
The images have all been cut, cropped, and pasted from other people’s work. I make no claims of ownership of the images featured below. If you’re the original author or copyright holder of one of said images and you’d rather not see them used as cell phone wallpaper, let me know and I’ll remove the image immediately.
Why aren’t you “into” ringtones?
I’m just not. Now, get outta here kid… yer botherin’ me.    😉

To use these images on your phone:

  1. Click on the thumbnail image you want to use on your phone.
  2. The full-size image will appear in your browser window.
  3. Right-click on the image in the window and select “Save Picture As…”
  4. Save the image on your hard drive in a place where you can remember, and then use either GAGIN or BitPim with your cable to put the image on your phone.

Images removed… who uses a vx4400 these days?

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  1. Can you please add Chicago sports teams (White Sox, Bears, Cubs, Bulls). What about some Corona or Miller Lite. Thanks alot.

  2. I think the wire would be along the lines of like $20-$30 dollars. And would the programs work for any phone? And would any wire work fine for the programs?

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