Songs You Must Hear #002

This is a bonus edition of S.Y.M.H. (that’s Songs You Must Hear, by the way) in that there are actually FIVE songs to enjoy at once. You’ll need to click the link to learn about the genesis of the Mic In Track album, but let me warn you that if you’ve ever recorded a personal message to an audio file with MusicMatch JukeBox, there’s the off chance you might hear your voice on one of those five tracks!

Comfort Stand Records [Stark Effect – Mic In Track]

For immediate satisfaction, begin with listening to “Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk” immediately followed by “Eeples and Beeneenees”. You can thank me later.

Mandrake Linux, LG Cd-Roms, & You

Even though I don’t drool at the mouth about it, I am a Linux user. I’ve installed (or attempted to install) Redhat, Fedora, SUSE, Slackware, TurboLinux, and a few different iterations of Mandrake. Mandrake has been the most annoying, due to the well-publicized issues with the kernel destroying LG CD-Rom drives. What is not so well-publicized is the way to fix one of those drives that has gone bad. The LG site has a diagram and plenty of broken Engrish text files that are supposed to guide you through the process, but I had to search for two days until I finally found what I needed on

– Create a boot floppy disk dos 6
– Copy xferlg.exe and the firmware on that floppy
– Shutdown your PC
– Connect the CD drive on the second IDE cable BUT do not plug the power cable !
– Put the jumper on the CD-ROM drive as indicated in Dead.gif
– Turn on the PC (the drive has still no power cable) with the floppy disk
– When the floppy has finished to boot, press the eject button of the drive, and connect the power to the CD-ROM drive while the eject button is still pressed : the led blinks and then is continuously on
– Stop pressing the eject button after the led has finished blinking
– Run xferlg [name of the firmware without the .lge extension]
– Turn off the PC.
– Put the jumper of the drive in the correct position (master or slave)

It sounds dangerous, but it worked for me. All I can say is thank you open-source community and thank you Google!

Songs You Must Hear #001

Don’t you love it when you discover something new that completely changes your day? Click the link and listen to “Listen Harmony”… it’s familiar like an old warm blanket, but still rocks like a brand new idea. : Lost Boys

I’m going to try and make this a regular thing here at!