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A few weeks ago, rolled out their snappy new interface and some even snappier new features. Always looking for the biggest, baddest, and EASIEST way to publish, I spent a few moments tossing some critical thought over the idea of MT vs The New

1. Comments now has comments for free, and you have to register to use the comment system. MT has just implemented a registration-based comment system with their new ver 3.

2. Categories doesn’t have categories, but whats keeping you from publishing a separate blog to your site for each category? Granted, this is only a solution for those who don’t use, but it’s a workable solution.

3. Multiple Authors
With MT 3.0, you have to pay to have more than one author… with, you can go ape-crazy.

4. Importing/Exporting
It’s fairly easy to get data in and out of MT… IMO, isn’t exactly a cake walk.

5. Searching
MT has searching built-in, does not.

6. Trackback.
MT has it, doesn’t, and I don’t use it.

7. Installation
A MT install is a big, scary thing for the uninitiated. is a hosted service… much less scary.

8. Who Owns It? is owned by Google, MT is privately held (for now). I’d bank on Google, thanks.

If you’re just getting into blogging and you’re looking for the big, overwhelming reason to go with one blog product or another, I’m afraid MT and are almost neck-and-neck. If I were a script installing novice and just getting my feet wet, I would cast a long glance toward’s direction.

3 Replies to “The New Blogger”

  1. There’s another factor that I looked into before starting my blog… which was time. I do think that once I have more time on my hands, I’ll move on to a system like MT. The one thing I’m missing over at is more control over layout, without having to host images at third party sites.

  2. Blogger is a great starting system… but most that I know that spent time there outgrow it rather quickly for various reasons. I’ve been away from it for almost two years.

    the stability issues and bugs that drove me away have improved quite a bit from what I understand, but it rather soured the experience in my book.

    You don’t mention typepad or any of the other hosted solutions.. is that intentional?

    also, with the new MT licensing, hosting for MT blogs will be more and more popular down the line…. something to note. When the host does the install and/or maintenance, it’ll be less “scary” for the end-user.

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