Iron City Is The Lone Star Of Pennsylvania

When The Suspects played Pittsburgh back in 2000, Iron City Beer was a definite player in our tourist itinerary. I can’t decide if these Aluminum Beer Bottles would have helped or hindered Ryan Ex-Suspect’s night in the gutter, but I’m sure an impact would have been felt.

4 Replies to “Iron City Is The Lone Star Of Pennsylvania”

  1. Wanna hear something funny…i was in a record store in State College, PA, and the Suspects were in the “local” section of the store.

  2. I was looking at my old credit card slips for tax reasons when I saw my bill from Pitt, PA. I spent $137.85 on booze, & $23.00 on food in 2 days!

    I think Joe & Ryan were the only 2 who didn’t make it the entire night.

  3. Hey..I got Ryan back to the B3’s pad and only after he was safely passed out and a jimi hendrix repeat was out of the question did I “relax” on the floor!

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