Your 1991 Honda Accord Transmission And YOU

To be certain, when I’m a crusty old man and I’m reminiscing about the days of old before there were flying cars and transporter beams, my 1991 Accord will definitely NOT come up in conversation. It is not sexy, nor fast, nor is it cool in a geek kinda way… it’s just a car that gets from here to there. A few weeks ago it actually stopped on its way from here to there, and I’m gonna post this so that all you other Accord owners can benefit from my mistakes.

When the “S” light on your dashboard stays on and your transmission won’t shift, don’t believe that greasy gear monkey behind the counter at the repair shop when he tells you your Accord needs a $2200 transmission rebuild… you probably just have a faulty Transmission Control Unit. And then, if that same grease monkey tells you a new TCU is $500 from Honda, drive that car back to your house in low gear and replace it yourself. Admittedly, I had to mail order my part from a junkyard in New York, but the price was right ($50 + shipping) and it took ten minutes to put the thing in. Now my Accord is as good as it ever and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I (kinda, sorta?) STUCK IT TO THE MAN!