I Know What You Look Like, Matt Mullenweg

The Houston Press has a feature this week on Matt Mullenweg, the guy in charge of WordPress. WordPress is the leading direct descendant of b2, the blogging software that I used before switching to Movable Type. The article has a very clear photo of Matt and lists a few places where one might run into him if you wanted to. This is all great for me, ‘cuz I can now go punch him in the face for changing the WordPress database schema and breaking my b2 to MT script!

(Silly people… I’m kidding, of course.)

Your New Diet Starts TODAY

We rented SUPER SIZE ME via NetFlix this week, and watching it was a life-altering experience. I feel stupid that it takes a watching a film to get me to want to eat better, but I guess the end justifies the means.

On a geek/film/TV note, this struck me as very cool:

All in, we shot more than 250 hours worth of footage, spent less than $75,000, traveled more than 25,000 miles and managed to make a movie, from concept to fruition, in less than one year.

Wow. DV is a wonderful thing!