Understanding The Past Via Our Dark Future

When I read something as self-righteous as the letter written by a member of the “right” as posted at kuro5hin.org, I suddenly understand the reasons why otherwise “normal” people took to the streets in the late 1960’s to protest the establishment. There is a lot of power in a phrase like “God has graciously granted America a reprieve from the agenda of paganism”… does it have the power to turn a moderate into a bomb-throwing SDS/Weather Underground wannabe? Is this the missing Reagan-esque element of the Bush administration that I’ve been pining for? Is it really darkest before the dawn? Maybe… we’ll see.

Men With Vision!

Sometimes you read a story that is so stirring; so compelling in nature, you feel inspired and inadequate at the same time. I suggest everybody visit the Ultimate Taco Bell Road Trip 2004 site and bask in glory that is 60 Taco Bells In 6 Days and the soon to be published 100 Taco Bells In 1 Week. I dare you to tell me you don’t feel like less of a man!