Flush With Tech Pt 2!

1. Cell Phone
Yeah, I said I was happy with the Motorola v265, but I guess I wasn’t happy enough. I turned that baby in and am now using the LG VX6100. Better screen, better camera, better menu interface… just better, I guess. My only regret is the lack of iSync support with LG phones, but I guess that’s reason enough for me to work on an Applescript to automate the importing and exporting of records from BitPim.

2. iPod Headphones
One of the absolute truths in this modern world is that iPod ear-buds are horrid… I know it, you know it, we all know it. If you’re a “budget-conscious” guy like I am, I can recommend the “The Plug” from Koss. I can also recommend that you read the few pages at Headwise.com that deal with improving the performance of the The Plug. Even without the modifications, The Plug is a huge improvement over the stock iPod equipment. Be aware that Best Buy and Circuit City may try to overcharge you for a set of these… $14.99 is the MSRP, and both retailers wanted $20 for ’em!

Flush With Tech!

My gadget cup runneth over!

1. New Cell Phone
I am now happily carrying the Motorola v265. I could have gone higher-end, but what would be the point? The v265 does the basics just as well as any other phone, and it works out of the box with iSync.

2. New Coffee Maker
I am now (well, not right now) happily drinking fine frothy brew from my Phillips Senseo pod coffeemaker. Note to all who have or are planning to have one in your possession: the refillable plastic pods you can get for $12 on eBay very much worth it.

3. 160Gb External Firewire/USB Drive
Well, uh… CompUSA had a sale, you see…

4. 1Gb Apple iPod Shuffle
…And my brother gave me an iPod for my birthday so I HAD to buy a drive to hold my iTunes library.