Flush With Tech!

My gadget cup runneth over!

1. New Cell Phone
I am now happily carrying the Motorola v265. I could have gone higher-end, but what would be the point? The v265 does the basics just as well as any other phone, and it works out of the box with iSync.

2. New Coffee Maker
I am now (well, not right now) happily drinking fine frothy brew from my Phillips Senseo pod coffeemaker. Note to all who have or are planning to have one in your possession: the refillable plastic pods you can get for $12 on eBay very much worth it.

3. 160Gb External Firewire/USB Drive
Well, uh… CompUSA had a sale, you see…

4. 1Gb Apple iPod Shuffle
…And my brother gave me an iPod for my birthday so I HAD to buy a drive to hold my iTunes library.