The Suspects Are Unavailable

For some reason, my subdomain isn’t working right now. So sorry… please come back later! I get sloppy when I’m in a hurry… everything is fine, please go about yer bid’ness.

Up On Deck…

Been a while since we had some actual content up here, so I thought I’d outline what’s waiting on the warm-up circle…

1. Sound Patrol/Secret Agent 8 Review (Fitzgeralds Apr 4 2005)
What, again? Yeah, I know it seems like the only bands I ever see are SA8 and Sound Patrol, but there were special circumstances this time.

2. Me And Mike Haaga
Michael Haaga has been a playa’ in the Houston music scene since the late 80’s, and he’s building a new reputation as a crafty popster with his current project The Plus And Minus Show. Mike and I have crossed paths more than once or twice since his Dead Horse days, and I have the letters to prove it.

3. LG VX6100 Wallpapers
It’s SOOOOO been done already, but what the hell.

Templates, Templates, Templates

Some obvious changes of late; some not so obvious:

1. New Template
This was one of the top three designs in the recent WP1.5 template contest… visit the author’s site here. Ha-Ha! Changed it back!!!

2. News Reader Feeds
Until I looked at the logs yesterday, I didn’t know that so many people were reading my ATOM and RSS feeds. I have made sure that the links to old feeds display a message telling people to resub to the new feeds. I also added feed links to the top of every page in the new template.

Hello, WordPress

…goodbye MovableType.

I’ve had this version of WP installed on the server for a month and a half, but was just waiting for the right time (and a free hour) to make the switch. Obviously, some things will be horridly broken and the links will 404 and dog and cats will be mating in the streets…

But I thought I’d do it just the same.