How To Kill The Broadcast Flag

So, I’ve got a extra computer that sits on one side of the room. Every once in a while, when I’ve got an extra hour, I download and install any of the various freeware TIVO-esque software packages out there that allow any computer with a TV tuner card to perform as a DVR. I’ve never actually hooked it up to my TV and used it on a daily basis, but I have high hopes that someday I will have enough time to tweak it and enjoy the fruits of my labor (all the while with a grin on face from having stuck it to the MAN).

There is a Bill being proposed in Washington that would make activities like this impossible and probably criminal. I won’t go into large details here, but I think everyone should visit, read up on the issue, and follow the link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation site and use the form to email and fax your local congressperson. I did, and I feel better because of it.