Kill The Broadcast Flag, Pt 2

I posted about killing the broadcast flag before, and it was (seemingly) defeated a short time later in congress. Lobbyists are like herpes… they never really go away… and the broadcast flag is about to get amended into another piece of legislation within the next 24 hours or so. The EFF has set up another “fax your congressperson” form for getting you opinion sent quickly to the right people. Please visit their site and help defeat this evil, pro-business, anti-consumer piece of potential legislation.

The Biggest Burrito On The North Side

It’s a well-known fact: I likes me a burrito.

Ever since Cinco De Mayo burned down a few years ago, the wife and I have been searching for a new cheapo TexMex joint that we could truely call our own. Last week, we tried a place that’s been around for a long time but has escaped our notice: Eva’s on Kuykehndahl just north of FM1960.

Look at the size of this thing:

thats a big burrito!

Let’s face it kids… size matters!