Hurricane Fever

I live in the far northern reaches of the greater Houston area… so far north, in fact, that my old band mates considered driving to my house to be a major outing. I mean, they’d pack a cooler! Come on!!

Anyways, we’re far enough away from Galveston to be safe from just about anything that comes in from the Gulf. The three evacuation zones set up by the local emergency management officials are a good hour’s drive. In the twenty-seven years I’ve lived in this area, my house has never flooded… not even close. What I’m getting at here is, me and my neighbors won’t be experiencing ten-foot flood waters IF Rita comes a-knockin’.

So, I am completely befuddled by the behavior exhibited by all of the locals on this side of town. The water aisle at Kroger tonight looked like it had been looted. The canned-goods section was torn apart. Batteries? Sorry… none left. People are acting like the end-times are just around the corner, and it’s hilarious to watch them squirm. The talk around the water cooler is just as humorous… people, smart people I work with every day, are certain their homes will be washed away this weekend.

I know there’s a chance that it could happen… anything could happen, right? But I’m willing to bet that besides the rain, this weekend will be just like any other and all those folk in line at Kroger tonight are gonna be drinking their ten gallons of drinking water and eating their stockpile of French-cut green beans, wondering maybe they over-reacted just a little bit.

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  1. I was in the store yesterday after reading this article, and I took a walk by the water aisle, and I saw the same thing here. Additionally, I stopped by the Chevron on the way to work to fill up, and they were out of everything but Premium (and they were charging the Regular price for it, so I am pretty sure they weren’t trying to gouge). Kinda hard to believe considering I live in Fort Worth and work in Grand Prairie.

  2. well i live in liberty, where we were closer to the storm. and i also work at a supermarket, where the madness begins. you wouldn’t believe the craziness that takes place when the word hurricane is whispered!!! but i also stayed home through it all…….im a survivor!!!!

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