Max and Spencer Like Devo, Pt. 2

A quick follow-up to an earlier post on Devo and the dreaded DEV2.0

A few weeks after I dissed and dished on DEV2.0, Max and Spencer’s uncle John bought the kids that damn CD/DVD and I’d have to say that it’s… not that bad. Really, the videos are kinda clever and entertaining and the karaoke versions of the songs do provide endless hours of enjoyment for the young ‘uns. So, really… don’t fear the DEV2.0.

Also of note: I don’t know if there’s a legal or moral statute against taking a six year old boy to a big-time, big-money arena rock show, but I’ve got tickets for the August 19th Devo/Psychedelic Furs concert at the Reliant Arena with mine and Spencer’s name written all over them (Max is only three… he’s going to need to deal with staying home). Hopefully I’ll be able to play the “I’m a cool dad ‘cuz I took you to a rock concert when you were only six” card for years and years to come.

The Greatest Windows App Of All Time

I spend a lot of time SSH’ed into a lot of different linux servers, and like most admin/developer types, I like to keep those sessions open all at the same time. There’s always been a large, gaping hole in my freeware software arsenal when it comes to this area; there just isn’t a decent free telnet/ssh client with a tabbed interface that can keep all those sessions manageable! I have found the next best thing, however: WinTabber is an app that allows you to insert other apps into it’s own tabbed interface! Tabbed IE (without downloading one of those add-on shells)? Done. Tabbed Acrobat? Done! Tabbed Putty? Thank the Lord, DONE!

If these guys had a “donate to this project” link, I’d prolly give ’em everything in my PayPal account.