The Greatest Windows App Of All Time

I spend a lot of time SSH’ed into a lot of different linux servers, and like most admin/developer types, I like to keep those sessions open all at the same time. There’s always been a large, gaping hole in my freeware software arsenal when it comes to this area; there just isn’t a decent free telnet/ssh client with a tabbed interface that can keep all those sessions manageable! I have found the next best thing, however: WinTabber is an app that allows you to insert other apps into it’s own tabbed interface! Tabbed IE (without downloading one of those add-on shells)? Done. Tabbed Acrobat? Done! Tabbed Putty? Thank the Lord, DONE!

If these guys had a “donate to this project” link, I’d prolly give ’em everything in my PayPal account.

One Reply to “The Greatest Windows App Of All Time”

  1. Thanx, It took me quite some time to think this app out. I started building it a more than a year ago and still am working on it. One day I was at work thinking why all apps try to build in there own tab support ?? , if only there was an app that could tab anything ….. and WinTabber was born. btw … got “donate to this project” button now 😉

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