Channel One & Spies Like Us @ Fitzgeralds

Alan and I ventured out to Fitzgeralds last night for the Channel One/Spies Like Us show, and I took my camera with me. I mentioned in the last post that I thought it’s a great camera, but it proved itself to be quite the under-achiever in low-light situations. That’s okay… some people like the over-saturated, under-lit effect in their photos. Not.

Worth mentioning is the turnout for this show was pitiful. Spies Like Us was a really popular band back in the day; I thought the crowd would be a bit more substantial. Channel One is made up of some old Resistors folks, and they were known round these parts, too. Perhaps there were some other mysterious and unmentionable reasons for the low number of people downstairs at Fitz?

The most important thing about last night was how great Channel One sounded. To be honest, I remember The Resistors sounding like a good high school (?) ska band (damning praise, to be sure), but Channel One was a complete package. Tasteful harmonies, catchy tunes, humor, and drama were all displayed with a skilled touch. I’d be happy to go see them play again.

Please, no “borrowing” photos. Thanks

And We’re Back…

So many things to mention, so little time to sit down and type them out:

  1. After watching TheWebSiteIsDown three times a day for the past two weeks, I decided to install Skype. It’s not much fun if you don’t know anybody else who’s using it.
  2. The OLPC is a neat little piece of kit, but I’m not sure if it’s useful outside of the 3rd world.
  3. Vacations are hard work.
  4. It is impossible for me to find a comfortable bed or comfortable pair of shoes.
  5. The Canon SX100 IS is a heck of a camera for only $199.
  6. Did you know ska is popular again?
  7. Rock Band 2 will be the first of “fake plastic guitar” games to feature a ska song.