My name is Bill, and you’re with me now.

I’m a 30-something 40-ish, white, male, college educated, straight, married, breeder, web developer kinda guy living in Spring, Texas (just north of Houston).

Over the years I have spent my working hours doing things like:

  • working for a “music one-stop”… the place that buys the Cd’s from the record labels and sells them for a markup to the small record stores. it taught me that big business is slimy and got me used to not paying for music.
  • working for MD Anderson Cancer Center. taught me that there is good in the world and that doctors, no matter how great they seem when they fix you, are really giant jackasses.
  • working for an ISP. yikes! the dot-com bust, bankruptcies, layoffs… did I say big business is slimy?

Over the years I have spent my non-working hours doing things like:

  • graduating from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Radio-TV Film.
  • Playing in a couple ska/reggae/rock-type bands…
  • Gettin’ married.
  • Havin’ kids.

If’n ya wanna, please email me using this confusing, spam-preventative mix-up of my address: bill [AT] billgrady {DOT} com