Bill’s Discography

The Suspects (1993 – 2002, 2007 – present)
Ska band. Founding member. Played guitar & sang a little. Released 4 cds, 3 singles. Reunion show could happen at ANY TIME!!! We’re back, baby!
X’s For Eyes (1991 – 1992)
(Facebook site) Reggae band. Joined late in the game. Played trombone & a little guitar. Released 2 tapes. Based out of Huntsville, TX ‘cuz we were all attending SHSU. Reid (bass) was a former member of Austin-based punk band, Intent. Lee (vocals) went on to join the Dallas-area ska band, The Grown-Ups. More recently, Lee and John (guitar) played together in the Austin-based reggae band, The Uprooters.
The Requestors (1991)
A home recording/4-track project “band” that recorded one song, “The Ballad Of KTRU (I Hate Morrisey)”. Long story short: My friend Richard and I were DJ’s at KTRU (the Rice University radio station) and at the time a lot of people would call in and request songs and artists that were not “typical” KTRU fodder… The Cure, The Smiths, etc. Always looking for a way to make fun of things we didn’t like, we wrote and recorded a little ditty that expressed the way we felt. Notable only because it got played on KTRU a lot for a few weeks, but eventually ended up on the dreaded “songs that get played too much” list taped to the side of the mixing console.

Calvin & The Hobbes (1989)
The very first time I played guitar on a stage in front of people was at a talent show hosted by the Sam Houston State University campus radio station, KSHU. A total last-minute affair, we attempted to play the Go-Go’s “We Got The Beat”. Horrendous, but video is available. 🙂

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