The Greatest Windows App Of All Time

I spend a lot of time SSH’ed into a lot of different linux servers, and like most admin/developer types, I like to keep those sessions open all at the same time. There’s always been a large, gaping hole in my freeware software arsenal when it comes to this area; there just isn’t a decent free telnet/ssh client with a tabbed interface that can keep all those sessions manageable! I have found the next best thing, however: WinTabber is an app that allows you to insert other apps into it’s own tabbed interface! Tabbed IE (without downloading one of those add-on shells)? Done. Tabbed Acrobat? Done! Tabbed Putty? Thank the Lord, DONE!

If these guys had a “donate to this project” link, I’d prolly give ’em everything in my PayPal account.